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The main intention of starting this site is to share ways of practicing which can be applied to our everyday lives. The site is called “Access to Zen” for several key reasons.  First is my commitment and love for the teachings and intentions of the Zen practices I’ve been exposed to. Second is that while I have trust and faith in the Zen style, in my opinion, it has maintained more of its monastic vestiges (often seen and described as “forms”, “rules”, “rituals”, and so on) so can be harder to access. The aim of my teaching is to incorporate what are typically considered Insight techniques to help make Soto Zen practice more accessible.

Shunryu Suzuki Roshi is quoted as saying the style of teaching he established at San Francisco Zen Center is “”Hinayana practice with Mahayana mind.” I guess you could say I’m just a bit more overt about it.

Welcome to the Path! May it be accessible to you wherever you are. May all beings benefit from this site!

With warm bows, Rev. Liên

Our Offerings

Guidance & Support

You want to feel and live more fully present & with ease. You or organization needs it to be more tailored to a tailored schedule. 

Meet with our teacher in individual sessions or invite her to your organization, group or community to teach meditation or other well-being workshops.

Practice Programs

Living in Truth & Awareness

Extended Practice Programs

We invite you to participate in our extended multi-months or multi-weeks programs with practices geared especially for those who live & work outside of temple or monastic settings. As such, all of these may be taken fully on-line.

These programs provide various “containers” to frame how you can live fully, manifesting and sharing what’s important to you & with your loved ones, your communities, & the planet.

Meditation & Practices

A full range of meditation and awareness-based practices ranging from our Weekly Meditation Group with our Access To Zen Sangha in downtown Oakland, Dharma talks, live Meditation Training classes, or workshops.