On the Path

On the Path

Awake-in-Life: Zen & Crafting a Life Fully Lived

8-months Studies Program

  • What’s important to you? — Are you fully aware of what your values are?

  • How did you learn these values?

  • Are the specifics and/or subtleties of your learnt values still pertinent to you?

  • Are you wanting to live a life grounded in compassionate awareness & intentions of your own choosing?

  • Would you like to join others in exploring these same issues?

If so, the Awake-in-Life program of studies & engagement with the 16 Bodhisattva Precepts may be perfect for you at this time. These 16 Precepts are (Rev. Liên own wording. More traditional ones can be find on the web):

  • 3 Refuges — Exploring how to know & be in: Awareness/Buddha, Teachings/Dharma, & Community/Sangha

  • 3 Over-Arching Aspirations — To engage in non-harm. To promote life-affirming practices & actions. To know for oneself, & with others, our interconnectedness.

  • 10 Guiding Values —- Living to realize & promote: life; contentment; love/connection; honesty; clear-heart & mind; kind speech; equity/non-competitiveness; sharing & receiving; openness of mind-heart; and non-separation/interconnectedness.

These are essentially a set of values which, in the engagement with them, acts as guides for us to see how we can live more fully.

No prerequisites required. In-person or fully online possible.

Interested? Click below for full info, come to the Orientation, or, contact us at joyinzen@att.net

Orientation on Monday, November 26 at A2Z Meditation Group 8 p.m.

Can’t join in person? Zoom in at this ID: 272-155-964

** We’ll meditate first. Come, or tune in, at 7:30 p.m. if you want to join us!