What is a "Practice Discussion?"

A Practice Discussion, or “PD”, is a term for when you want to meet with a Teacher or Practice Leader to talk about your meditation practice, Dharma teachings, or a current life situation within the context of practice.

Exploring how to incorporate a practice framework into everyday life can bring enrichment and settledness to it. This is a process I'm honored to be able to share with you.   --- Rev. Liên

Arranging Practice Discussions with Rev. Liên

As Rev. Liên is not supported by any institution nor persons, you are asked to engage in the practice of dana*. “Generosity,” “freely giving,” and “donation” are a few common translations of this Pali term.

When you are ready to connect in this way, the dana process is:

  • PDs are focused engagements of 20 minutes
  • The first meeting is give-as-you-feel-moved
  • After which, the suggested dana is $50-100 for each PD
  • No one is ever turned away for lack of funds
  • When possible, please give dana in an envelope
  • Current full-time monastics and those living fully in a practice community will be recipients of Rev. Liên's practice of dana

To arrange for a PD, please contact Anton <anton@kovalyov.net>.

*For full details on the practice of dana