Volunteering Schedule

This is volunteering schedule for September and October. If you cannot make any of the dates email Anton.

Instructions for Greeters

All greeters should arrive at around 7PM. First greeter lets people into the building on the first floor. Second greeter lets people into the co-working area on the second floor (ask Anton for the code). Greeters should join the sit at around 7:45PM to accommodate for people who are late.

Instructions for people giving a Danā talk

Giving a talk on Danā is very personal: say whatever feels right in the moment. Below are a couple of suggestions (originally from Keizen, modified over time).

What is Danā?

  • Definition: danā is the Pali word for generosity...
  • Something personal or a story about dana.
  • The first teaching given to lay people.
  • What is here has already been contributed without expectation of exchange.
  • Joyful at the beginning, the middle, and the end.
  • Teachings are always offered freely and nobody is ever turned away for the lack of funds.
  • And there are costs to running the group (recurring expenses: $250 per month rent, ~20 for the website, and ~20 for Zoom), plus it's quite literally Rev. Liên's livelihood.
  • What danā is not: payment, fee, spare change, etc.

Ways to give Danā

  • Two containers for teachings and for the group for cash.
  • PayPal: dana@accesstozen.org for space and joyinzen@att.net for Rev. Liên.
  • Other ways to give: come early to help sit up, stay later to help cleanup, volunteer as a door greeter or danā talk giver.