Awake Readings

These are the four books you’ll need for the program:

  • Robert Aitken: The Mind of Clover

  • Reb Anderson: Being Upright

  • Cheri Huber (ed. Sara Jenkins): Good Life: A Zen Precepts Retreat

  • Norman Fischer: Taking Our Places


March Readings: Three Pure Precepts

  • Aitken: The Mind of Clover Chapter 1

  • Anderson: Being Upright, Chapters 8 -11

  • Fischer: Taking Our Places Chapter 6 “Meditation”

  • From the digital reading packet (previously linked), Katagiri Roshi's "Buddha's Mind"

Read Suzuki Roshi talk:                

February: Three Refuges

  • Anderson: Being Upright (Chapters 5 - 7)

  • Fischer: Taking Our Places (Chapter 5 "Connection")

Read these transcripts of Suzuki Roshi talks:

July 2, 1971 “Real Precepts Are Beyond Words
       June 11, 1967   "Three Treasures"
July 6, 1971     (Three Treasures)

January: Vowing

What does it mean to engage with the Precepts to manifest your deepest values?

Readings from your books:

  • Anderson’s Being Upright

    • Introduction & Chapters 1 - 4

  • Fischer:  Taking Our Places           

    • Chapter 7 “Vowing” (Chapters 1- 4 optional)

Readings from the digital A2Z Precepts Packet

  • The first 16 pages of this packet (through "Taking Refuge" by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche)

Suzuki Roshi Dharma talks transcripts on the Precepts: