The 8-Fold Path: An 8-Month Life-Course Studies Program

— A basis of Buddhist practice to set us on the course for a meaningful & purposive awake life

8-month Practice Program: October 2019 - May 2020**

The 4 Noble Truths is a set of teachings which spans all sects of Buddhism. In brief and traditionally, the 4 Noble Truths are: There’s dukkha/suffering/harm in life, there’s a cause/origin to dukkha, there’s the possibility to alleviate dukkha, and there’s a way/path to non-harming. The 8-Fold Path is the 4th Noble Truth; with these aspects:

  • Wise Understanding / View

  • Wise Thought / Aspiration

  • Wise Speech

  • Wise Action

  • Wise Livelihood

  • Wise Effort

  • Wise Mindfulness

  • Wise Concentration

These 8 aspects are taught as the “steps” along our “path” of life: to cultivate and develop ways to live a life of non-harming. Each month you’ll be presented with traditional and my own social justice-oriented contemporary framing to understanding and apply these aspects in real and every day ways. Each month you’ll be able to learn and practice how they make sense for you in your life and not just as theories and concepts.

We’ll study and apply these aspects in the realms of personal, interactional, and structural/systemic. In this way, our understanding for how to alleviate harm can be applied in our own lives, to our communities, and in the world/on earth itself.


** Fully On-Line participation Note: We’ll do our best to accommodate interactive exercises (if any) to include online participation during the monthly in-person meetings. However, there may be times when each group will have different exercises.

Path Program Parameters:

  • Practice OFFERINGS (ALL included in Program):

    • Meetings to engage with 8-Fold Path through Dharma talks, readings, reflections, discussions, and/or inter-active exercises.

      • TWO meetings per month: One 2-hour in-person** with the full cohort and one 1-hour online small group (via Zoom) (15 meetings)

        1. 2nd Saturdays, In-Person Meetings: 9:30 -11:30 a.m.:

          1. Oct. 12, Nov. 9, & Dec. 14, 2019 and Jan. 11, Feb. 8, March 14, April 11, & May 9, 2020

          2. Downtown Oakland at Port Workspaces, Kaiser Mall location,

            1. 344 20th Street**, Oakland CA 94612, (about 2 blocks from the 20th Street exit of 19th St. BART station; **Please use this entrance and not the one by 24-hour fitness!)

            2. Full info with map and all (yes, same place as our Monday Meditation Group)

        2. 4th Wednesdays, online ZOOM Meetings:

          1. Oct. 23, Nov. 20*, & Dec. 18*, 2019 and Jan. 22, Feb. 26, March 25, & April 22, 2020 (* = 3rd Wednesdays due to holidays)

          2. TWO (2) Groups:

            1. Group A, 6 - 6:50 pm: Malcolm, Christina, Peter, Yunnie, Barbara, Jae, and LiAnn

            2. Group B, 7 - 7:50 pm: Shinsen, Michelle, Sandy, Santiago, Juan, and Liz

          3. at Zoom ID: 272-155-964 (If new to Zoom, visit this link to download Zoom & join)

    • Reading/Study materials: 8 Mindful Steps to Happiness by Bhante Gunaratana book (not included; for self-purchase) & other readings provided

    • Online access to Monthly Support Resources: Dharma talks, reflections, essays, and/or other resources to support the application of the aspects of 8-Fold Path in your daily life -- in reflection and/or as an awareness/mindfulness exercises

    • Monthly individual Practice Discussion (PD) with Rev. Liên (8 sessions)

    • A2Z’s weekly Meditation Group in downtown Oakland (31 sessions)

    • 24/7 access to Meditations: from MT “1.0” and others to support your home practice

    • Sangha-Determined Sliding-Scale Fee:

      • Pay-it-Forward (PiF): (more than $75K): $270 /month

      • Standard (S): (between $35 -$75K): $220/month

      • Limited Income (LI): (less than $35K): $175/month

      • No one turned away due to economic hardship. Limited partial scholarships available. As dana is mutuality, please note that everyone will be asked to make a contribution. Feel free to discuss with Rev. Liên

      • In the spirit of economic transparency, please NOTE: You’ll be asked to share with the formed group this information at our first meeting on Oct. 12

      • ** Fully On-Line participation: Same sliding-scale fee.

      • Cash or check accepted. PayPal payments preferred. Please sent to:

  • Practice RECOMMENDED/Optional: (Highly recommended for all but not required)

    • Having a home practice and

    • Attending three (3) or more one-day silent meditation retreats within the 8-month Path Program time period