Based on the popular class series taught in the Bay Area—and after many requests and much support—we are happy to present:

The Online “Meditation Training” Class Series

Want to learn how to meditate? Or, have you tried at different times but just can’t quite figure how to make it work for you?

This series is geared just for you!

Specific, time-honored, and easy-to-follow instructions will be given in body, heart/emotions, and mind/mental states.

The 4-week class series is geared for beginners and for those who would like to revitalize their practice. The Series is set-up in a layering process with each succeeding week's instructions built upon the participant's practices of the methods presented in the previous week.

Think of this class as a 4-week “training camp.” A container for you to learn the intentions and background behind solid meditation techniques from both Soto Zen and the Insight teachings.

Imagine, in just one month, with instructions and step-by-step guidance, you can get the support you need to establish a sustainable practice!

What you get

  • The fundamentals behindthe various methods presented each week. Video format.
  • Meditation Instructions for each week's class focus. Video format.
  • Timed Guided-Meditations for each week's class. Audio format (for easier focus).
  • Q&A Sessions by practitioners just like yourself; offering an opportunity to have real-life questions answered. Video format.
  • Tips: Specific practice tips or clarifying nuances on the information presented that week. Video format.
  • Practice Suggestions for how to apply each week's teachings; often for “on the cushion” and “off the cushion” / in your every day life. Video format.
  • Other practical and detailed written instructions, articles, or Dharma talks which further explicate that week's focus.

Each Class Focus

  1. Introduction, Fundamentals of Meditation, and Posture
    9 videos, 2 Guided Meditations
  2. Differentiating Body, Heart, and Mind Experiences
    4 videos, 2 Guided Meditations
  3. Understanding Emotional and Mental Patterns
    10 videos, 2 Guided Meditations
  4. Bring it All Together with “Big Mind” and Cultivation Practice
    7 videos, 3 Guided Meditations