Access To Zen Meditation Group

Latest Sangha Updates: 

  • Only meeting in December (due to retreats & holidays; and last in 2017) is Monday,  Dec. 18:  Awake-in-Life Orientation!
  • For 2018, we'll start again January 8th. ---  Happy Holidays!

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When: Mondays, 7:30—9PM
Where: Port Workspaces (Kaiser Mall location), 344 20th St., Oakland CA 94612



Topic arise out of every day life. At times, a topic will be presented as a series. Feel free to come for a full or part of the series..


Cushions and chairs provided by the space. Please bring your own paper/notebook and pens. Our space is wheelchair accessible. 

Honor Payment System

No one will be at the door to take your payment. You are invited to put your fee in & name on a provided envelope.

Pledge Members: Your signature on the SIGN-IN sheet is all that's needed. Your on-going support is appreciated!

Sliding-scale fee: (with income -match guide)

  • Standard:               $25 / visit 
  • Pay-it-Forward:    $30 / visit  (more than $75K)
  • Limited Income:  $20 / visit  (less than $35K)
  • No one turned away for lack of funds.

Please put cash or check in provided envelopes. Send PayPal payments to:  

Would you like to support this meditation group on a regular basis? 

Become a Pledge Member!

  • Standard:               $100 / month 
  • Pay-it-Forward:    $120 / month  (more than $75K)
  • Limited Income:  $80 - $60/ month  (less than $35K)
  • Just 'Cause ("No funds turned away for lack of one/'self'"):  $5? $10? $20? 50? $200? $1,000? $__K?/ monthly or any time

Please send reoccurring PayPal payments to:   --- Pledges which comes in at the beginning of the month is appreciated as it helps us to know our expenses will be covered. Thank you!

General format

  • 30 minute zazen/meditation
  • 20-30 minute Dharma talk
  • 20+ minute Q&A or a small group discussion
  • Practice suggestions and dedication of merit

Some sessions will be videotaped but only of the teacher or  guest presenter(s).

Remote Participation

If you would like to participate remotely, you can do so with Zoom. Please follow the Sliding-scale fee presented above under "Honor Payment System." Thank you for your support!

If you’re new to Zoom or to our sitting group, visit this link. This will download Zoom client onto your computer and automatically launch the meeting. Zoom is available for Windows and Mac computers as well as Android and iPhone devices.

If you already have Zoom client you can use this Meeting ID to connect


The meeting starts at 7:15PM PST, 15 minutes before the 7:30PM meditation. Please connect between 7:15 and 7:30.

To preserve people’s privacy these sitting group meetings are not recorded on Zoom. If you have any problems using Zoom, please email Anton <>.

Feel free to bring friends, family, benefactors, neutral persons, difficult persons, enemies, and all beings—ALL are welcomed!