Reclaiming Wholeness

Practicing with the 6 Paramitas to Go Beyond Internalized Oppression

7 - month Practice Program November 2018 - May 2019

To practice the paramitas is “to go to the other side”, to “go beyond”, or to access our “perfection”; our wholeness.

“(The) word paramita soon became a technical term in Buddhist ethics naming the dimensions of human character that are most important in the state of enlightenment.

For Buddhists, the ‘thought of enlightenment’ is the ideal image that gives purpose and directions to human lives —- it guides decisions, provides reasons for acting, and shapes the will.”

Dale S. Wright, The Six Perfections

The forces of oppressions are real. Their impacts can be deep. This 7-month Practice Program aims to bring the lens of awareness, wisdom, and compassion to meet our experiences of oppression and to realize how it does not define us.

We are more than our pains. Through studying and applying the teachings of the 6 aspects of the paramitas, we will “go beyond” the scars of our internalized oppression to reconnect and reclaim our completeness; the perfection of our awakened nature. Our lives can be full of ease and joy through active intentions and compassion, enacted from our deep sense of interconnectedness.

Thank you for your interest in such a transformation.

This program is full and in session. Please check back mid-2019 for updated info.

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