Guidance & Support

You want to be more present in life

You've heard "mindfulness" and "Zen" and such words all around you. Maybe you've even downloaded an app or two and tried to do it on your own. AND, it's confusing or hard to figure out what to do and/or if you're doing it right or not.

You've got questions. You want to know more. You want to know how. You're curious.

You're ready for guidance and support: for yourself or for your workplace or organization. 


Individual Guidance: Practice Discussion

A Practice Discussion, or “PD”, is a term for when you want to meet with a Teacher or Practice Leader to talk about your meditation practice, Dharma teachings, or a current life situation within the context of practice. Exploring how to incorporate a practice framework into everyday life can bring enrichment and settledness to it. 

Open to those who are looking for how to start a meditation practice (for physical or spiritual well-being) to those wanting guidance on how to maintain or deepen their current practice.

Group & Organization Guidance

Liên has been a part of the Bay Area meditation community since 1996. She was a founder of the Buddhist of Color sitting group in 1998. Since then, she has lead numerous sitting groups and specializes in what she terms as "the craft of meditation." Her very popular 4-week course Meditation Training has helped many to begin, be able to really do meditation, and maintain a practice. 

This course, and the follow-up Meditation Training 2.0 can be brought to your group or organization. 

Additionally, these other topics are available as half-day or 1-day workshops for your group or organization:

  • Embracing Change: Zen & the Art of Creating a Life You Want

  • Taming Anxiety

  • In the Flow and

  • Love: Supported by the Four Divine States