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NEW at Tassajara -- LOVE: Supported by the Four Divine States (5-days)



Love: Supported by the Four Divine States at EBMC (5-day workshop) 

Tassajara Zen Center

Monday - Friday, May 6- 10

We all want love. 

And, having and holding love and loving feelings can be challenging, especially if we've had challenging conditioning and experiences in our lives. Join us in exploring how love can be when expressed in conjunction with the qualities of the Four Divine States: 

  • Balance of Heart-Mind

  • Lovingkindness

  • Compassion and

  • Inclusive Joy

We’ll explore how these qualities can offer us ways to bring more awareness and ease into how we can define and receive what we want --- with ourselves and in relationships. Teachings and meditation practices on these qualities along with contemporary means will be shared and practiced, giving us tools to be able to access and cultivate these qualities within ourselves and with others.

The course will also be framed by readings** from bell hook's All About Love: New Visions; offering a blend of fierce feminist social criticism to ask us to transform our challenges into strength, manifesting the love and caring we want in our lives here and now.

**Hard copies of readings NOT provided. You may want to purchase this book:

All About Love: New Visions      by bell hooks

Open to all expressions of love: friends, partners, siblings, parent/child, room-mates, etc.