An overview of how the full 4-week course is structured to give the best results in the craft of meditation.

Exercise: Challenges in Meditation Practice

(You will need paper and pen/pencil to follow along with this exercise)

Teaching:  Fundamentals of Meditation


If you go to get meditation instruction at a Zen* practice place, you will mostly get instruction on posture. Having taught meditation instructions to many people in quite a few settings, what has become most evidence to me is this:

When you learn the basics of a seated posture—you could perhaps even say, the proper ergonomics—of the seated posture, it is much easier to then be able to focus on the activities of your mind and emotions.

Another way to put it is: If your "seat" is easeful than it is much easy to find easefulness elsewhere as the mind/heart and body are not separate!

Teaching:  Posture

Guided Meditation: Posture


Teaching:  The Cosmic Mudra


Posture and breath are the two main points of meditation because they are always with you. You don't need anything else to be able to learn how and where to place your attention to access awareness.

Guided Meditation: Counting Breath


Teaching: Important Points When Counting Breath

Q & A


Practice Suggestions


Meditation Training, Week 1, Posture.

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* Note: I’m aware that there are many traditions of “Zen” practices. I have practice with two kinds myself (SFZC’s Soto Zen and the Vietnamese Truc Lam traditions). However, for brevity, on this site, “Zen” means “Soto Zen” unless otherwise noted.